Truck Mattresses

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Quick Overview

  • A two-sided turnable mattress. It can customize at your needs
  • Astonishing air circulation and maximum durability.
  • Simple the best most comfortable and durable foam made.
  • Creates a dream-like sleeping surface that contours to your body while dissipating heat, helping you relax and sleeping better.
  • The comfort choice” is yours, “just flip it”.
  • Durable high-density resilient foam core supports each side.
  • A soft but durable double stretch material that wicks away heat covers the entire mattress.


  • High Quality knitted fabric, new design fabric with Lycra yarn for more stretch, soft and flexibility, dissipate too much body heat away, help to maintain an ideal sleeping temperature.
  • High quality knitted fabric, it offers exceptional soft comfort, new knitted fabrics with Lycra yarn for more stretch and more durable.
  • Modal knitted fabric, breathability and flexibility, provide soft comfort feeling, fabric after heat clean, effectively preventing the growth of bacteria. Helps create the healthy sleeping environment.
  • Luxury Knitted Fabric: Soft to touch, flexibility, excellent isolation, anti-bacterial, excellent fiber ventilation and moisture absorption offers a continuous sensation of freshness.
  • Luxury Box Top design give you the strong and firm back support.
  • High resilient Soft foam as comfort layer, to provide right correct comfort to your back, help you experience a new level of support and comfortable
  • Memory Foam, curve to your spine, help to disperse pressure, gently providing initial cradling for better sleep.
  • Wave POCKET SPRING –with foam encasement, provide the best support and curve to your spine, minimize the turning and tossing during the night sleep, enhance your sleep quality and refresh you every day.
  • Zoned POCKET SPRING –with firmer edge support, provide best support and curve to your spine, minimize the turning and tossing during the night sleep, enhance your sleep quality and refresh you every day
  • Double Layer Pocket Spring Supporting, each spring is free to respond to individual pressure in relation to the weight placed upon it, leading support in contouring the body shape.


Mattress Types

These types of beds are synonymous with value and long-term reliability. Innerspring mattresses rely on a singular core assembly that works to distribute body weight evenly across the entire surface of the bed.

Pocketed spring designs rely on several hundred, individually encased springs to provide an excellent combination of precise spine support and minimize motion transfer to your partner.

Hybrid mattresses combine popular materials (like memory foam, pocketed springs, and latex) to create an entirely new type of mattress construction with its own unique properties.

Cool, responsive, and contouring, latex mattresses have a loyal following among those who have a hard time deciding between springs and memory foam.


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